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About Us

The Arusha Non-Governmental Organization Network (ANGONET) is a regional network of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and NGOs based in Arusha, Tanzania. ANGONET was formally established in 1998 by several NGOs, CSOs, and others with the goal of addressing issues concerning policy advocacy, community development, natural resource/environmental conservation, and other emerging issues in and outside Arusha.

ANGONET is committed to the values of:

Accountability: ANGONET will be accountable to members, communities and donors, and the spirit of accountability will be cultivated between staff and stakeholders

Integrity: Ethics and integrity will be exercised and practiced among ANGONET staff, donor agencies, CSOs members and other actors in development.

Inclusive Participation: ANGONET will ensure all stakeholders are involved and participate in programme/ project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Transparency: ANGONET will encourage the spirit of transparency among its staff and stakeholders. The spirit of transparency shall extend to activities, which altogether enhances the organizational integrity.

Good Governance and Observance of Human Rights: ANGONET will advocate for good governance and protection of human rights to ensure equity and justice are exercised at all levels.

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