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CSR – Wildlife and Forestry Report March 2015

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tanzania is well endowed in Extractive resources including wildlife and forestry resources, it is the expectations of the majority that wildlife and forestry resources will significantly contribute to national development including communities that live within and surrounding protected areas. In order to assess whether wildlife contribute or not to the social economic wellbeing of communities, ANGONET & Kepa undertook a study on CSR aspect in the wildlife and forestry sectors. Among others, examining the following issues namely; benefits sharing, human rights, corruption, accountability, transparency and community participation. A thin contribution from the wildlife/ forest resources and findings from other studies shows CSR practise in the sector is limited to sheer the magnitude of the problem. In this light, this study was planned to assess the state and effectiveness of CSR in alleviating poverty and contributing to economic development of the community and the country at large. The approach or methodology applied is based on qualitative and quantitative methods where stratified-random sampling was employed to selected villages, household and groups from different stakeholders for sampling. – Qualitative method – focused group discussions, informants, opinion leaders and personal communication with residents were used as tools for data collection. These data and information were tested against secondary information i.e. literature review. Statistical analyses for both quantitative and qualitative data were done using by Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version...

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Tamko la Asasi za Kiraia Kuhusu Katiba Mpya

TAMKO LA ASASI ZA KIRAIA ARUSHA, KUHUSU MCHAKATO WA KUANDIKA KATIBA MPYA YA JAMHURI YA MUUNGANO WA TANZANIA Mahali: Ukumbi wa ANGONET Tarehe: 8/10/2013 UTANGULIZI Arusha NGO Network (ANGONET) ni Mtandao wa kitaasisi wa Mashirika yasiyo ya Kiserikali (AZISE) na yale ya Kijamii (AZAKI) Mkoani Arusha. Katika kufikia malengo yake, ANGONET inalenga kuimarisha uwezo wa AZAKI/AZISE, wadau wa maendeleo na jamii kwa ujumla katika maeneo ya usimamizi wa maliasili na uendelezaji wa mazingira; utafiti wa kisera, uchambuzi na uchechemuzi; demokrasia, haki za binadamu na utawala bora; elimu ya uraia; teknolojia ya habari na mawasiliano hasa maeneo ya vijijini; afya...

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Training on How To Write A Research Proposal And Statistical Analysis

Announcement for training on how to write a research proposal and statistical analysis for data collected in the field of social science.  The training will be conducted from 16th – 20th September 2013 at ANGONET office in Arusha. Specific topics to be covered: Introduction to research and surveys Principles of data collection (hypothesis/research questions/problem statement) Methods and tools of data collection Sampling procedures (size, selection and frame) Data analysis and publication Eligibility: Any development worker or students: who hold certificate, diploma, Bsc/Msc degree in the field of social science. Experienced development workers (form 4 or 6) whose work is...

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