As described in the annual plan 2013, the project activities in progress are outlined hereunder but not limited to;

  1. Capacity building training with individual CSO member on participatory planning and budgeting, Public Private Social Partnership (PPSP) and its implications to development, Project Cycle Management, Organization Development and resource mobilization to mentionĀ  few.
  2. Advocacy and public sensitization activities to enhance governance and accountability mainly through public policy dialogues and consultations with decision makers and other stakeholders. This is meant to promote good governance, transparency and accountability in public undertakings.
  3. Promote Public debates and consultations on constitution and constitutionalism, impacts of climate change to social services and production sectors of the economy and mainstreaming of gender and analysis.
  4. Participatory action research on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices in mining, forestry and wildlife sectors in Tanzania.
  5. Enhancing the flow of information, sharing and networking among and/between members, development partners and the public to speed up development activities at different levels.