Announcement for training on how to write a research proposal and statistical analysis for data collected in the field of social science.  The training will be conducted from 16th – 20th September 2013 at ANGONET office in Arusha.

Specific topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to research and surveys
  • Principles of data collection (hypothesis/research questions/problem statement)
  • Methods and tools of data collection
  • Sampling procedures (size, selection and frame)
  • Data analysis and publication


  • Any development worker or students: who hold certificate, diploma, Bsc/Msc degree in the field of social science.
  • Experienced development workers (form 4 or 6) whose work is related to surveys/data collection and analysis.
  • If you have data collected for recent survey or research –please come with the data set.

Training fees:

Interested applicants are required to pay Tshs 250,000 to cover costs of training, stationery and refreshments.


For any inquiries:

Please contact

NARRESO chairperson

Po box 16707

Arusha, Tanzania


Phone: 0758251002